Doha Round Miracles Needed

May 07, 2011

In April 1982 Britain’s immensely unpopular Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, declared war on Argentina, which had grasped control of the Falkland Islands, a remote and inconsequential island outpost with a population of a few hundred, and a few sheep. With much patriotic theatre, she sent Britain’s navy nearly 13,000 kilometres to fight off the upstart Argentine invaders. Within three months, the Argentine navy had been routed, Britain’s naval forces returned to Britain as heroes, and Mrs Thatcher had transformed her political future.  Before the invasion, everyone predicted that her Government would be kicked out. After the invasion, she emerged the heroic guardian of her nation, and comfortably won elections held less than 12 months later. Mrs Thatcher with one inspired and audacious move transformed her political future, proving that political miracles can happen.

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