TPG President briefs the business community on key developments for HK in APEC as Russia takes the Chair in 2012

December 01, 2011

‘Getting Stuff Done” in APEC – a key message that the TPG President Anthony Nightingale shared with the business community at a Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) seminar in early December.

As the USA APEC year came to a close at the Honolulu, Hawaii meeting in November, a range of trade- and investment-liberalizing initiatives – many of which could be significant for Hong Kong businesses – have been agreed and APEC Leaders are committed to following up next year.  The successes of APEC and ABAC agreements did not come easily. The Honolulu meeting came at a time of unprecedented stress for the global economy and trading system. Dangers of protectionism are high as the Doha Round of trade liberalization falters. Therefore, it is important to ensure not only the high spirits of the Honolulu meetings carry forward, but also the action plans are implemented to ‘get stuff done’.

In a hot-off-the-press briefing on key achievements and developments as Russia assumes the chairmanship of APEC for 2012, Mr Nightingale reviewed the success of the key ABAC initiatives, especially in the areas of foreign investment rules, food security, and infrastructure projects. As HK’s longest-standing ABAC representative, he highlighted HK’s achievement in raising its profile at APEC and ABAC. For instance, HK ABAC advocated set up the ‘Action Plan and Advocacy Working Group’, or better known as the ‘Getting Stuff Done’ working group, with Mr Nightingale appointed the Chairman. HK ABAC representatives have played a significant role over the past APEC year in fostering liberalizing initiatives. Two key achievements in the past year include: HK ABAC championed a major study of the services trade, and supported the HK proposal to host the 1st ABAC meeting in 2012; the first time HK will have the honour of hosting an ABAC meeting.

⇒ Mr Anthony Nightingale’s presentation at the seminar.


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