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April 24, 2015

Thursday 23 April 2015
ABAC Mexico

Anthony Nightingale, the Hong Kong representative on the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), along with ABAC members from all of the region’s 21 economies, landed exhausted and jet lagged in Mexico City early this week for the second of the year’s business leader meetings. It is the first time Mexico has hosted an ABAC event in a decade, and for sure much has changed for the better in the city in that time.
The city may be a sprawling 14m population commuter nightmare, but at least the air appears unpolluted and unremitting sun has kept the mood cheerful.
Not that ABAC members see much sun. From first arrival last Sunday, most have not had chance to leave the meetings deep in the sunless bowels of the gigantic Camina Real hotel to taste the sun on their faces. At least two banquet dinners took us a short distance from the hotel for a tasted of fresh air.
As a first timer to Mexico, who speaks no Spanish, it would be crazy to claim any profound insights about so proud and complex society as Mexico. And I am afraid I will leave at the weekend no wiser. Lesson: learn Spanish, and make sure to come back soon.
ABAC2 is every year the “workhorse” meeting for business leaders. ABAC1 is about setting the ambitions and priorities for the year. ABAC3 (which will be in Melbourne) is where we sign off our “deliverables” for presentation to APEC Leaders at ABAC4 in November in Manila. So ABAC2 is a “sleeves rolled up” meeting clogged with drafting, and reviews of first drafts. Not glamorous, and with heavy jet-lag, not the stuff to keep you wide awake. But it has to be done.
Meetings finish at the end of Thursday, so tomorrow I will send a short blog on main achievements of the week. Until then, Buenos noches…
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